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EFISA, established in 2012, is Paraguay’s leading provider of forestry and wood processing services that operates strictly within the sustainable plantations sector.

Paraguay prides itself for covering 98% of its industrial energy demand from sustainable sources. These are a combination of hydroelectric power and energy obtained from burning biomass. However the latter has not been a genuinely "sustainable" source, as the biomass used has principally been obtained from the intense and unregulated deforestation of the country’s natural forests. Dwindling supply, leading to rising prices, as well as incoming legislative change, which is seeking to make the burning of firewood from native forests for industrial purposes illegal by 2020, are forcing businesses to switch to truly sustainable sources of biomass.

We believe the most effective replacement for native firewood is the use of wood chips from well-managed sustainable eucalyptus plantations using land that was opened many years ago ensuring no more deforestation of the native forest occurs.

EFISA’s mission is to continue to lead the country’s move away from extractive forestry practices by delivering world class FSC certifiable plantations to its clients, as well as by offering them an industrial outlet for their timber that guarantees using only wood from sustainable plantations.

EFISA is proud to be an equal opportunities company.